Patented nanotechnology physically strengthens the glass underneath the film. As a result, our product has fewer intrusion threats and damages from natural disasters or accidents.

Window Film Solution & Ballistic Security Film System

Forced-Entry Security Film

Protect your most vulnerable entry points and increase strength. Nanotechnology solutions and our ballistic resistant security film system are proven to increase glass strength up to 250%. Glass is necessary for architecture to allow natural light and provide a comfortable open atmosphere. Yet, glass is a security vulnerability. Anti-smash and grab window glass films fortify glass to protect against intrusions and forced entries.

Ballistic Security Film

Harden architectural glass to certified national levels of ballistic resistance. We offer ballistic resistant protection for schools, hospitals, government buildings, and more. In an active shooter or forced entry situation, C‑Bond BRS 3‑layer protection provides optimal strength in a security film. Glass fragments from a shooting or bomb blast hold intact, allowing sufficient time to call the police or get to safety.

Weatherproof Window Film

Increase window strength with a glass surface treatment solution that penetrates minute defects in natural glass and increases window film or tint adhesion.

Strengthened windows safeguard against weather-related damages and natural disaster damage. Reduce the destruction and devastation that natural disasters cause when windows blow inward or shatter, leaving you vulnerable to the elements.

Advanced nanotechnology solution further bolsters the glass by repairing microscopic defects and strengthening the adhesive bond with the security film – a feature soapy water applications cannot claim.