Our Holistic Approach

With safety and security for our communities at the heart of our mission, CecureCor provides safe and secure environmental solutions using a holistic approach that prioritizes the interconnectedness between physical security and mental well-being.

Together with our alliance with the Curtis Stout Company, we have a distinguished 76-year history of delivering and installing patented safety and protection solutions that range from imminent physical threats, deterrent and detection systems, airborne contaminant mitigation and communications systems which use the latest in technological advancements.

Safety and Security Solutions

Cutting Edge Technologies to Enhance Your Facility

Design Consultation

We work with existing buildings as well as those still in the planning stages and partner with our clients to analyze, recommend, design, install and maintain the safety and security systems and programs that we customize and deliver. Together, we collaborate to control quality, schedule, and cost throughout the life of the project. Request design consultation.

Interested in Partnering with cecureCor?

Your company can submit partnership invitations to our estimating department by filling out a simple online form.

Our Founders

As a woman-owned company, we are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to doing the best for those we serve. We are honored to work with our partners in education, healthcare, hospitality, and all public entities in the pursuit of safe and secure environments that build trust, mitigate risk and enhance the quality of life.

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