Our holistic approach prioritizes the interconnectedness between physical security and mental wellbeing.

Dr. Lisa Strohman, Advisor

Psychologist, attorney, author and mother, Dr. Strohman established the Digital Citizen Academy to help keep families safe from online dangers.

Dr. Strohman is a national speaker at schools, parent organizations, businesses, churches and community groups where she addresses the challenges of raising responsible digital citizens and the realities of technology. She also provides prevention and diversion programs in an effort to reduce the growing concerns and issues related to technology use.

She has been a legislative intern in Congress, worked with law enforcement internet crimes units and completed her dissertation in cooperation with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the FBI as well as managing her private practice and regularly appears as an expert on national media.

Dr. C.J. Huff, Advisor

With decades of experience as an educator and superintendent, Dr. Huff has been nationally recognized for his expertise in the areas of leadership, community engagement, educational programming, strategic planning, and disaster recovery. Most notably, in 2011, he successfully led the disaster recovery operation of the most costly tornado in U.S. history in Joplin, Missouri after a Category 5 tornado devastated the town, claiming the lives of over 161 citizens.

“A lot of you could’ve spent your senior year scattered throughout different schools, far from home.
But Dr. Huff asked everyone to pitch in so that school started on time, right here in Joplin. He understood the power of this community, and the power of place.”
—President Barack Obama

“I hope I would have had a little of C.J.’s toughness, commitment, and tenacity had I been faced with a similar situation.”

– U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Radio Address

School systems across the country are in desperate need of a more effective communication tool to respond to unprecedented growth in the mental health, wellness and safety needs that impact students, overwhelm staff, and interfere with learning.

Meaningful and sustainable approach to support your students using ESSER funds.

Secure rapid response system to connect students with the support and resources they need when they need it.

One and two-way communication tool to broadcast announcements to internal and external stakeholders.

Real-time data collection and reporting to inform decision making and resource allocation.